Enrique Morales






Woodworking gives me the chance to transform and prolong the existence of what once were beautiful living trees. It also offers me the opportunity to express myself by combining the warmth and beauty of woods and contemporary designs.



Modern Meets Rustic: Madera Fina Studio FurnitureBy Dallas Jeffs

An utra-modern solid wood benchContemporary Bench


Enrique Morales, the name behind Vancouver’s Madera Fina Furniture, creates beautiful furnishings that combine rustic, un-edited nature with smooth, refined furniture designs. Residing in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Enrique has access to the expansive woods of the area for inspiration. As a craftsman he is entire self-taught, and I can see a clear sense of play and exploration in his pieces.




A page of console tables on Madera Fina's webpageConsole Tables gallery on Enrique Morales' furniture website




a modern walnut coffee tableLive Edge Black Walnut Coffee Table




Madera Fina Studio Furniture produces a number of different handmade items, all incorporating different types of wood and different styles of working. I enjoy looking at the pieces where ultra-modern style meets the random, bumpy appearance of natural wood. Enrique’s website – – is full of examples of this sensibility, where modern meets rustic. Alongside larger pieces such as coffee tables and consoles, you can find a range of jewelry boxes that are as visually appealing as the jewelry pieces that might eventually go inside them.




A jewelry box made from bubinga and curly mapleJewelry Box, bubinga and curly maple